The Simonsound – Reverse Engineering (First Word/FUSE)


The Simonsound - Reverse Engineering

The Simonsound debut album, Reverse Engineering, could be a library record, but straight out of 2010. Incorporating mood music from the 1950′ to now, music that could be for TV or film, throwing down some cosmically funky cover versions of classic tracks with the moog to the fore.

Simon James and Matt Ford (aka DJ Format) make up The Simonsound, a pedigree of beat makers and genre hoppers, all knowing to the eternal beat and the science of sampleadelia.

Not taking themselves too seriously enables The Simonsound to pull off some great cover versions on this release, “Tour De Mars” gives Kraftwerk a run for their money, and “Its Just Begun” injects some seriously funky electro into the funk classic. “Moon Rocks” shines as a favourite for me, sharp jazz room drumming, a krautrock grind, and cosmic synth lines petered with movie dialogue, launching the track to somewhere in outerspace where no one has ever been, a monster of a track. “Inside The Capsule” could be John Carpenter, or Martin Denny, strange exotic soundscapes. “Hole In The Head” strips things back with a straight drum break, bubbling electronics and fuzz guitar with somber string samples, while “The One That Got Away” sounds like it was plucked straight from a cross continental spy movie soundtrack. “Between The Wake And The Sleep” is reminiscent of brooding Portishead or Lamb classic trip-hop stylings. “Call Of The Siren”, split into two parts of uplifting ambience together with disembodied ghostly female voice as instrument, beautiful.

A fun and refreshing funky album, watch this space.

Wayne Stronell


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