48/4 – Fictitious Seven No. 3 (The Frequency Lab)


Fictitious Seven No. 3

More in the Fictitious 7” series from The Frequency Lab, this time from an artist the crew hooked up with at local beat club 104 Collective early in 2010. After hearing the fresh ideas and sharp production of young local beat producer 48/4, The Frequency Lab just had to release his music to also introduce the world to the future beats and electronics of 48/4.

His first publicly available track, “Cake$” has The Frequency Lab stamp as a future classic, with a wonky leaning, yet more on the Dilla tip than the all out wonky productions of a growing scene of UK and American producers. 48/4 sticks with a hip-hop beat, morphing this with Joker and Starkey style analogue mayhem, taking a subtler approach with slowly morphing and building synth lines, weaving an intricate mood through the fog of deep electronic bass. The virtual flip-side has Monk Fly stripping back the rhythm, injecting his intergalactic liquid funk, emphasizing the half-step swing.

Available from www.thefrequencylab.com; as well as respected international digital outlets Boomkat, Junodownload, Emusic and iTunes. Support local and buy online, the Fictitious Seven Series is just about to make your top ten lists. Another absolutely essential release, you seriously need this.

Get down to the launch party on 10 September at Hermanns Bar, corner of Butlin and City Road, featuring 48/4, Monk Fly, Cleptoclectics, Benjamin Kinsman and Jonny Faith.

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