Various Artists – The Zeitgeist EP (Project Mooncircle/Spoken View Recordings)


Various - - The Zeitgeist

Project Mooncircle and Spoken View Recordings, two Berlin based labels combine forces to create a supreme independent hip hop release. While Spoken View holds a good share of top notch German rap artists, Project Mooncircle delivers the wide diversity of its intercontinental network of musicians.

The likes of Netherland’ newcomer Joe Kickass, British dynamic duo Obba Supa, German avant-garde lyricists Sichtbeton, UK-rap legend Lewis Parker, rhyme-roughnecks Morlockk Dilemma and Hiob, go-to-guy Damion Davis, John Robinson from former Fondl’em fame all unite in the strong belief in the culture of hip hop. It truly is an amazing meld of talent, Joe Kickass teaming up with Morlockk Dilemma, John Robinson with Lewis Parker, Lewis Parker with Hiob, Obba Supa with Sichtbeton. Covering all angles of old school style hip hop, from summery vibes through to dark brooding beats, and sticking with the culture of hip hop, including instrumentals of all of the four tracks.

As usual with any Project Mooncircle release, the artwork is outstanding, they are a label that’s knows a few tricks to assist with vinyl sales, in this instance the artwork was collectively composed by Gordon, V.Raeter and The Binh. Don’ miss this.

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