The Q4 – Darker Days EP (Project Mooncircle)


The Q4 - Darker Days

The Q4 are a Dutch trio of producers, Sense, Arts The Beatdoctor and STW, releasing their debut Sound Surroundings earlier in the year. Darker Days strips away the optimism their debut album delivered, opting for a menacing use of catchy samples from old blues and soul records, crafted around dark beats and fuzzed out guitars, with warm Rhodes keys and playful soundtrack kitsch.

In this instrumental affair, The Q4 inject a darker swagger to their trip hop beats and atmospherics with “Darker Days”, “Beer Goggle Blues” and “Reminisce”, while the optimistic vibe creeps back in for “Lose Control”. “Mount Neverest” loops old time blues samples with skipping beats and subtle electronics and piano. Glen Porter remixes “One Of These Days”, adding a 2-step vibe with delayed saxophone lines echoing in the mix, before the trademark Glen Porter rolling break beats crash and roll on a bed of processed guitar and shoegaze ambience. The cassette (yes its making a comeback) contains an introduction to new outfit Shahmen, and a C-Mon remix of “Trouble With Me”. Check out this, and future similarly formatted releases at

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