Mr Hood – Voyages In Living Stereo EP (Myuzyk)


Mr Hood - Voyages In Living Stereo

Myuzyk has been quiet of late, but I’m sure there are some future projects brewing, Mr Hood breaking the silence with a new EP due for an August release, Voyages In Living Stereo. Mr Hood has appeared on previous Myuzyk compilations, and has always left me wanting to hear more of his finely crafted dusty beats.

Voyages In Living Stereo is what I’d hoped for, lazy soundtrack sketches, a brew of everything good about trip hop, soundtrack jazz and funk, all tied together by back to basics hip hop production and electronic trickery. Mr Hood gives his fine sample selection space to breath, weaving infectious rhythms around booming beats and a soundtrack vibe, ending up with something really refreshing, you can almost image a modern funk band laying down tracks for a Library Recording project. Each track conveys a different mood, with that common thread that makes it sound like a soundtrack to an unmade movie. The titles even try and tie it in further, “A Quarter Past Midnight”, “Burgeoning Criminal”, “Coffee And Green”, “Traveling Alone” and “Lazy”.

There is a playfulness in the way Mr Hood creates these sketches for a soundtrack, adding selections of movie dialogue for extra effect. Refreshing and infectious sounds from Mr Hood.

Wayne Stronell


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