Know-U – Fictitious Seven No. 1 (The Frequency Lab)


Fictitious Seven No.1

The Frequency Lab are going from strength to strength, getting noticed from their recent compilation of future beat science, collecting local east coast artists as well as a few overseas producers. The future sounds emanating from a fresh batch of talented producers from The Frequency Lab stable, and The Community Crew representing the west coast, are cementing some serious talent on the world stage.

The Fictitious Seven series of virtual 7” releases will prove to be intriguing, as new tracks are added to the series, always featuring one track together with a remix on the virtual flipside for direct download from their site. This marketing angle has proven successful for other growing labels around the globe, Jahtari being an obvious example, expanding their profile globally by making virtual sevens available.

Know-U serves up “Triptych”, warm pads and overloaded synth lines over skittering mid tempo beats, part Detroit, part 8-bit playfulness. On the virtual flipside, the Monk Fly remix extracts some of the lush Detroit warmth, adding the edges blurred on the original, and a head nodding boom bap beat, creating a sonic palette of mammoth proportions. It’s always good to support local talent, but when it’s this good it surely deserves more exposure in the global press. Ace. Get it here.

Wayne Stronell


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