Africa HiTech – Hitecherous (Warp/Inertia)


Africa HiTech - Hitcecherous

I initially discarded Africa HiTech as a throw away rehash of mid-90′ funky acid(ic) house music, yet another guise of Mark Pritchard, but as with everything Pritchard is involved with, its still worth having a listen – he does have a talent, and quite a pedigree of producing quality electronic music over the last two decades.

“How Does It Make U Feel” sets the tone with a funky Detroit style acid dancefloor track, all 909′ with intricately skewed electronic tones and bleeps, and gurgling 303′, subtle but infectious. “Said Speed” pulses and jerks, minimal bass tones underpin a skipping 2-step rhythm, reminiscent of early Digital Mystikz and Mala productions. “Lash Out” is in your face electro mayhem, giving Gescom a run for their money, all snapping snares, tortured synths and machine gun fire bass. “Boingy” injects a digital dancehall vibe with playful digital bursts of sound. “One Two” vocal and instrumental take digital to the dancehall in the truest sense, skeletal rhythms, finding their own skank, reminding me of the first 7” I heard in this vein on Rephlex, pure digital dubplates. “Too Late” is a bonus with the digital download, more contemporary style dub, sweet Fat Freddy’ Drop style soulful vocals.

A surprisingly fresh release. Not just another side project from Mark Pritchard, but another side to his music personality. He has taken the sound he is currently pushing, and some of his history with acts like Global Communications, some new and something old, and has created some fresh electronic sounds.

Wayne Stronell


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