Celer – In Escaping lakes (Slow Flow Rec)


Celer, project of the husband and wife duo of Will Long and Danielle Baquet-Long continues its’ releases after the death of Danielle. In Escaping Lakes is a one track release which acts as a sequel to Cursory Asperses, in that this release deals with lakes, enclosure, depth and closeness whereas the former examined the slow movement of streams. It comprises of the use of piano, strings, gong, tingshas, voice, electronics, hydrophone and flute, the recordings of these instruments and the slowed down , extended merged.

It can be considered akin to a drone musical form or perhaps as an examination of discrete tonal change and variation within a sense of a seamless whole. Even the variation between indexed sections is as nebulous to be moot if demarcation can be drawn. Is the stream the lake? The duos technique draws from analogue tape recording and loop manipulation and then the movement of fragments into digital editing. The analogue tape “warmth’, or sound familiarity in a historical sense of the idea of recorded sound, forms a good deal of the emotional content that could be derived from this release. Also the notions of it sensual aspects, in that it is deeply contextual to environments, seems to be aided by this practice. Regardless of the veracity of the analogue as being a closer approximation of the natural, it is the developed familiarity with the technology that codifies the representation of the natural in sound. In that we hear the historical landscape of sound utterances and their representational capacity is in as much as Celer can paint a landscape, In Escaping Lakes, in sound.



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