For Danielle Baquet-Long * 1983-2009



Although I only knew Dani through a back door, through the music that sounded through her and her husband, Will, my heart sank upon hearing of her death. As Celer, Will and Dani acted with fresh instinct and sincere impulse. I join others in sending my condolences to her family and friends. Her efforts will be kept close, and remembered fondly.

“It is dawn. Has this lamp, then, finished
Its task of hope, hand placed
In the clouded mirror, on the fever
Of the one who kept watch, not knowing how to die?

But it is true that he has not put it out,
It still burns for him, in spite of the sky.
The seagulls screech their soul at your frost-covered
Window, morning sleeper, boat from another river.”

– Yves Bonnefoy


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