Felicity Mangan – Half Finished World (HellosQuaredrecordings)


Felicity Mangen
Half Finished World was made for a Dance/Sound/Animation project in 2005 with Julia Robinson, Phoebe Robinson and Richard Griggs at Bus Gallery in Melbourne. This limited edition on HeliosQuarecordings is a remixed version of the original work. There is a deeply immersive edge to the construction with distinct sounds introduced and moved through time in cycles, developed, woven, recessed, attenuated. As one pattern reaches its form it is overcome by the next cycle or progression of treatment or introduction of sound event.

Presented in three parts, the first part interweaves vocal echoes as if in a sonic hall of mirrors, sub static hum, crackle and hiss along with bright tonal sculpting and shaken electronic idiosyncratic rhythm. Part two more comprehensively plays with effects laden situations extending vocal hums and layering, echoing percussive moments thrown through spatial planes and eventually moving to a delicate play of bead like echoes. Part Three builds guitar loops and a punctuation of percussive flutter into a busy sound fare before moving into a shrill gull-like polyphony and fade to silence.

While the project is definitely out of context as a purely listening event, it has all the hallmarks of contemporary constructed sculptural sound events and can be heard abstracted from the performance with a modicum of imagination.



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