Nightmares On Wax – Thought So… (Warp / Inertia)


Nightmares On Wax

While he began his musical career as a purveyor of early UK rave anthems such as “Dextrous’ and “Aftermath’, as Nightmares On Wax DJ/producer George Evelyn (aka DJ E.A.S.E.) has always stood stylistically apart from the rest of Warp’ label roster. By the time of 1995′ “Smoker’ Delight’, Nightmares On Wax had shifted into one of the trip-hop era’ defining acts, with cornerstone albums such as 1998′ “Carboot Soul’ slotting easily into more discerning cafe / after dinner playlists alongside the likes of Massive Attack and Kruder & Dorfmeister. Three years on from 2006′ “In A Space Outta Sound’, which showed Evelyn shifting NOW into a more live band-oriented incarnation, this sixth album “Thought So..’ apparently arrives inspired by the road trip involved during his recent studio relocation from his hometown of Leeds to Ibiza.

Rather than coming on all “Cafe Del Mar’ and extended sunsets however, “Thought So…’ in many senses represents both a summation and overview of NOW’ career to date. While much of the “live band’ feel tangibly remains, aided by a guestlist of collaborators that includes vocalists Ricky Ranking, Chyna Brown, percussionist Shovell and keyboardist Robin Taylor-Firth, there’ a noticeable return to chunky, mid-nineties Mo’ Wax-esque looped hiphop breaks in evidence on tracks such as “195lbs’ and the jazzy “Bringin’ It.’ While “Thought So…’ doesn’ exactly offer any real surprises or show Evelyn really throwing any new curveballs into the established NOW sound eighteen years in, the eleven tracks collected here are sure to please couch surfers weaned on the spliff-friendly likes of “Carboot Soul.’

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