K-The-I??? – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (Mush/Big Dada/Inertia)


K-The-I??? - yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Well, we’ve heard the odd track with K-The-I???, and I for one have always wanted to hear more, so here we have a full length on Mush, produced by non other than Thavius Beck. The production is stark, electronic, and robotic, with roots firmly in the Detroit sound, Thavius Beck has always had a great production style, from his own solo projects through to his recent work with Saul Williams and Trent Reznor. With musical references from electronic producers such as Autechre and Shadowhuntaz, the musical palette is edgy, with a hint of the apocalypse.

K-The-I??? has a conscious lyrical flow, which sits perfectly with the production, a futuristic sermon, a similar tone and delivery to MF Doom, but making a lot more sense. Featuring guest MC’ Nocando, Thavius Beck, Vyle, Subtitle, High Priest, Busdriver and Mestizo, flesh out this release to more than a producer’ beats for a lone MC. The interplay between the K-The-I??? and the guest MC’ is what makes this release really work. Even though the guest spots cover quite a broad range of lyrical style, from the indie sound of Subtle, the righteous delivery of High Priest, the crazed voice of Busdriver, to the social consciousness of Mestizo from the Galapagos4 family, K-The-I??? has a knack of adapting his style to interweave with both the vocalist and the producer.

Well worth a listen, and an MC with much promise. Check out www.mushrecords.com for more.

Wayne Stronell


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