Hungry Giant – [Under] Mining Skies (Ponowai Flora)


Hungry Giant - Mining Skies

The first thing that strikes me with this album by Hungry Giant is the classic beats, a refreshing return to the heady days of classic hip hop, a simplicity that is often missed by the so called “greats’ of current commercial hip hop. Not to lump this release with the commercial hip hop I speak of, far from it, lyrically this is at a whole different level, with subjects far more personal and meaningful than anything the mainstream has to offer, but it is not an “abstract’s hip hop album either, being accessible both lyrically and musically.

Being a strong lyrical album, it hits all the right spots, the tone and delivery of both beats and lyrics by Everett and Smith show their love of classic hip hop, infectious yet simple loops and samples, old school beats, and a lyrical flow that interacts with the music, one works perfectly with the other, compliments each other. I have to commend them for this, as it is rarely this way with lyrical hip hop in my opinion, there seems to be something missing, but not here, they have stripped things down to the essentials, allowing the beats and samples to breath, to fit with the flow of the lyrics. More abstract influences do filter through towards the end of the album, but never allowing the abstraction to consume, only giving a taste of a new sound, never indulging in total abstraction for the sake of it.

If you have a love for classic hip hop, the experimental leanings of abstract hip hop, or enjoy a well formed lyrical flow, I would recommend investigating Hungry Giant further.

Wayne Stronell


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