Arabian Prince – Innovative Life [The Anthology 1984-1989] (Stones Throw/Creative Vibes)


Arabian Prince - Innovative life

This is a collection of some of Arabian Prince’ most ground breaking material recorded between 1984 and 1989, and shows his innovation for the time, as a true innovator in the early West Coast hip hop scene. He has worked many electro rap legends from this era, Egyptian Lover, the World Class Wreckin Crew and N.W.A.

This is truly ground breaking stuff. Imagine any electro from the mid 90′, the simplicity, hypnotic electro-robotic beats and the raw machine funk; remember dancing all night to this? Well, Arabian Prince was an innovator and originator over a decade before, with the same energy, but aimed squarely at the hip hop scene. This mix of hip hop and dance music had to have an influence in the Acid House revolution of the late 80′, it had to have an impact on so many producers from the UK, Chicago and Detroit, spawning a massive dance culture that morphed and fragmented into so many differing styles.

Stones Throw once again brings innovation back to the fore, introducing and educating us in an underrated period of creativity, one that set the ball rolling for both hip hop and electronic dance music all over the globe. The CD comes with an in-depth 20 page booklet, giving you the history, timeline, and photos of the West Coast electro-rap scene. A great package and valuable music document. Stones Throw has become a label that warrants much respect.

Wayne Stronell


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