Andy Votel – Brazilika (Far Out Recordings)


Andy Votel - Brazilika

Andy Votel seems to be concentrating more on music as history, than releasing his own material, and why wouldn’ he? He continually uncovers long forgotten or rarely heard music from the past, allowing a fresh audience exposure to such wide ranging music from all corners of the globe.

Over the last few years he’ tackled folk from the far reaches, rock from Hungary, rare beat from Wales, and in this installment, psychedelia from Brazil. His Finders Keepers and B-Music labels are the perfect vehicle to giving these selections exposure, but his growing popularity has given him exposure to such a degree that other labels are interested in releasing compilations with the Andy Votel guarantee of quality, eclecticism, and diverse collections of music. He has worked in conjunction with Far Out Recordings for this release, which is an obvious choice as the label has been responsible for reissuing Brazilian artists such as Azimuth, who do make an appearance here. Hopefully appearing on the Far Out label will mean this compilation will be more readily available and stay in-print for longer than previous mixes.

As he tackled the 70′ UK progressive rock label Vertigo in the past, now he hops over to Brazil to unearth gems from the RGE and Som Livre labels, to create a “subtropical sun stroke psych out’s mix, not just content to compile a CD worth of rare tunes, but deliver a spell binding mix of many of the best songs from the two labels. Andy Votel once again shows his incredible mixing skills, even though the tracks are of disparate tempos, one thing you can always be assured of.

It is not just a fun ride through the Brazilian psychedelic underground; it’s a lesson in music history, geography and culture, opening up whole new worlds to explore musically, culturally and politically. Get your education now.

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