Brian Eno – 77 Million Paintings DVD (Rykodisc/Stomp)


With a title like this you’d expect that Brian Eno has been very busy. Yet anyone who is familiar with his yen for generative works might suspect otherwise. 77 Million paintings stems from some of his installation work over the last decade in which the visual component has increasingly become more important. This interview DVD which features excerpts from his software alongside with Eno waxing lyrical about the project will be included in a final package that comes with a 52 page book in which Eno discusses his visual work, and the all important software disc. Eno is at pains to dismiss the notion of narrative, suggesting that it should be viewed as a moving light painting, with the changes occurring every few seconds as one piece is faded into another in an apparently unending (or 77 million) list of combinations. “It’s unlikely you’ll see things twice,” offers Eno excitedly. The impetus came from the myriad of large dead screens lying around in people lounge rooms that serve no purpose when they are turned off. So in effect this project seems to be an ever-changing screen saver with Eno’ distinctive ambient music floating underneath. In fact there are definite links to Eno’ mood music, music that is piped into a room to subtly change the perception and experience of the space without ever necessarily calling attention to itself. Eno’ excited because he can never really know and experience all the possible combinations of the work, so in effect he has lessened his own control over the project. The pictures do look quite mesmerising, pleasing warm abstractions stripped of meaning and connotation, abstract multi coloured shapes, patterns and hues that at times resemble glossed up graffiti or half finished scientific diagrams and really do work well with his gentle generative music.

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