Vitaminsforyou – The Legend of Bird’s Hill (intr_version)


I fell in love with the idea of Vitaminsforyou from the track on intr_version’s Saturday Morning Empires, “Luxury and Hope”. In comparison, his first album I’m Sorry For Ever and For Always was slightly disappointing, at least initially: nothing quite as perfect as that gem. Still, it was a stayer, and covered all the same elements — a kind of indie/folktronica with plenty of field recordings and hazy song structures, very intr_version in its own way.
In the interim before this album was released there came a four-track EP which, as well as featuring a remix from fellow Canadian Venetian Snares, opened with a reworked track from the first album performed live with a full brass and wind ensemble. The new album has plenty of guests on strings, vocals and so on; in fact it’s credited as “Bryce Kushnier’s vitaminsforyou & Friends Presents…” Nevertheless, it’s still very much Kushnier’s work, with catchy yet elusive songs and subtle yet ever-present electronic processing. It’s lovely when the electronic beats open up into live drums, or when the guitars are digitally whittled away at points.
Perhaps one of the album’s difficulties is that it’s 19 tracks long. It’s very pleasant listening, but there’s no doubt it’s worth sitting down and paying attention once or twice, because although there aren’t any absolute standouts on the first couple of listens, there’s also very little filler.
Also to be commended is the gorgeous artwork from Sarah Soderholm. Intr_version are on a roll, with beautiful artwork and music for Avia Gardner last year too.


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