Russ Meyer – Vixen (Madman Entertainment)


Russ Meyer films are the wet dreams of every red blooded American boy. And Vixen, considerably smaller proportioned, (i.e. just extremely large as opposed to gigantuim), than many of his starlets has only one thing on her mind. All of the time. She communicates by opening her thighs, to man, woman, her brother, anyone she comes across. Excepting her brother’ “nigger’ friend she’ insatiable. During a party scene where she is attempting to seduce a married man with her husband and his wife looking on she shoves a cooked fish down her cleavage and then moves it towards her open mouth provocatively. And we all know what that means. Bones stuck in the throat. Meyer’ joyous celebration of bountiful women getting busy takes on ludicrous proportions via a weird subplot involving a Cuba bound commie who takes everyone hostage. But it turns out he hates black people too. What does this mean? Easy big-breasted racist ladies can spend a movie dry humping everyone in sight and still find time to learn a valuable lesson. Never trust a commie.

Extra Features:
Here we learn that Vixen aka Erica Gavin immediately developed anorexia after seeing her naked self up on the screen in a current day interview with her – which kind’ve wrestles with Meyer’ tone of good ol’ fashioned harmless joy. Then there’ Mr Meyer’ commentary which is unfortunately pretty dull, basically describing what we’re seeing on the screen, though he does provide some insights into how they came across Gavin and what they were looking for in particular


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