Various Artists – Trade & Distribution Almanac Volume 3 (Adaadat / Cargo)



Those familiar with UK label Adaadat’s predilections for the furious end of noise / breakcore and lo-fi mashups will already have an inkling of the explorations into tongue-in-cheek sonic violence awaiting them on this latest compilation. In this case, the suitably tweaked-out liner notes detailing the various origins of the participants provide a perfect segue for a relentless tracklisting that takes in a breath-stopping 20 tracks over 55 minutes.

The presence of infamous breakcore notables Ove Naxx (in accelerated dancehall mode), Doddodo and Hrvatski offers a indication as to the head-shearing directions being explored, but in many instances, it’s the efforts from the lesser-known producers that provide the biggest surprises – DJ Top Gear’s intentionally rubbish MCing over what sounds like $5 worth of grimy two-step programming being a particular highlight. Like many of these types of compilation however, after a while the complex algorithmic acrobatics begin to merge into a blur over the entire running time, rendering this something of a comedy breakcore compilation packed with astute jokes that lose their effect over repeated listens. Jarring, head-drilling and perhaps overly long – no doubt Adaadat wouldn’t want it any differently…


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  1. He’s definitely there…his featured track is a live one alongside DJ Scotch Egg…