Various Artists – Clan Analogue In Version: Dub Selections (Clan Analogue / Creative Vibes)



It’s been awhile since Clan Analogue turned their attentions to dub, since the release of the “Jaunt’s compilations at the end of the nineties, in fact. This latest compilation release operates in a manner similar to Clan’ recent “Doppler Shift’s electro collection; rather than claiming to present a “definitive’ examination of dub, it casts its net around the individual takes on the form being explored by the collective’ members. While there’ a steady focus throughout on the defining elements of dub – cavernous bass, heavy drums and echo-delay, the tracklisting overseen by executive producer Scott McPhee (Nerve Agent / X-Ray Sound System) takes in diverse terrain. Dsico offers one of this compilation’ few vocal moments as well as a previously-unseen glimpse of his dub-selector skills with the woozily laconic “Over And Out Dub’, while conversely, Koshowko set the controls for the crashing heart of the echo-chamber on “Promise’, stretching vocoders out over a treacherously-shifting rhythmic backdrop that sits somewhere between broken IDM and pulsating dub. It’s also worth moving swiftly for the limited extra CD, as it nicely caps off an already impressive compilation.



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