Mouse on Mars – Live 04 (Sonig/Stomp)


Mouse on Mars Live

Mouse on Mars certainly use a bit of selective editing when it comes to choosing the setlists for their liveshows. On this record they completely eschew the gorgeous atmospherics of albums like Glam in favour of a set comprised entirely of floor fillers. In keeping with the populist direction of their latest record, Mouse on Mars pick only the very catchiest moments of their eleven year career for this live album. As you would expect, the sound quality is marvellous and the audience noise is completely unobtrusive. It is difficult to imagine these tracks being recorded in an environment where the audience wasn’ going completely apeshit, but apart from a bit of cheering between songs we don’ hear a peep out of them. The accompanying Quicktime video provides evidence of the fact that Mouse on Mars have successfully incorporated live instruments in their live show. Still, judging by the audio recordings, it seems that is still the machines that do most of the work. The furious, almost breakbeat “Distroia’ provides a mid-album highlight and confirms that, despite being of a similar vintage, the Chemical Brothers really need to be put out to pasture for good to make way for Mouse on Mars. The version of “Wipe That Sound’ presented here is a true highlight, the song’ staccato boogie is extended into a riotous breakdown that makes you wish like hell that you were there. Somebody bring these guys out here soon.


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