Einsturzende Neubauten – Liebeslieder (K7/Inertia)


Seeing Einsturzende Neubauten live in Sydney in my first year of university was one of the defining moments in my musical life. Between the harsh industrial experiments of the 1980s and their tender love songs that began to temper their later records, their live show was incredible, visceral, abrasive and beautiful. Three hours long and using industrial percussion salvaged from metal recyclers and the Tempe Tip, including a Woolworths shopping trolley played like a harp, it was a brutal introduction to the possibilities of live music and the dynamics of risk and improvisation. This 100 minute DVD is actually a documentary from German television made in 1993 and covers the development and impact of their recorded output, live shows, and influence on Berlin and German music since the early 80s. Much of the early footage is rough as a result of its age but the live footage going back to 1981 is amazing to see. In many ways they paved the way for many post-unifcation bands and artists and this documentary captures them at their prime.


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