Depeche Now?



I wasn’t what you’d call a fan of the band Depeche Mode, I was more a New Order man (see here). In my teens I owned two albums they released in the 80’s, namely Some Great Reward from 1984 (bringing us the hit single “People Are People“) and Black Celebration from ’86 (no discernable hits, “A Question Of Time” maybe?).

Recently I read an article recounting the trials and tribulations of the band, focusing on the impact troubled member Dave Gahan’s substance abuse and subsequent ego had on the other members. It was a such a good read, it made me want to re-evaluate the band’s music, in particular, the album Violator. This album is heralded as the band’s masterpiece, the one that broke them open to a worldwide arena. Produced by UK studio maestro, Flood (Psychic TV, U2, NIN etc etc) Violator combines “upfront lyrical emotional extremism”, coral orchestration, hip hop beats, Motown funk and hooks galore.
I’ve never heard it.

Always in the endless pursuit for life affirming/changing pop music and easily influenced by hyperbolic journalism, I’m going to give it a listen over the next week or so, and see if it gets under my skin. Stay tuned for the results.


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