Author Melonie Bayl-Smith

architect and self proclaimed music nerd. classical pianist and accompanist by trade, currently bassist and singer by choice. early music education (thx Mum and Dad) involved Sixties folk/protest icons, the classical canon, flamenco guitar, jazz, and Neil Diamond... ensuing musical preoccupations have included synth pop, rock, be-bop, fusion, new wave, prog jazz, electronica, dub, shoegazers, lo-fi, house in its many varieties), industrial, noise rock, ambient, electro-acoustic, minimalism, found-sounds, glitch, post-rock, metal, contemporary art music... and back to folk (thx Tunng). Actually, i hate pigeonholing music, but its the quickest way of telling others where my musical journey has been and continues on to. i tweet at @bijlarchitect and Instagram at @melkbayl