Listen to some creepy new Night Terrors


Well it’s difficult not to be drawn straight into the world of 70’s Giallo when you first hear ‘Trance Encounters’, our first taste of the new Night Terrors album. Reconfigured as an all-electronic duo of Miles Brown (theremin) and Sarah Lim (synth), this piece comes from their forthcoming fourth album, HYPNOTICA: Composition for Theremin and Electronic Music Synthesizer, nine years after their epic pipe organ album Pavor Nocturnus (you can read our review here). In the intervening years Brown has released a couple of solo albums for Death Waltz and IT Records, and his harp theremin duo the Narcoleptor.

This is what they have to say about it:

“HYPNOTICA spotlights the unique expressive capacities of the theremin, the world’s oldest and most mysterious electronic instrument. The eerie disembodied voice of Brown’s gesturally-controlled device takes centre stage here, materialising as a transfixing dramatic lead in an extraordinary otherworld of gothic operatics, dark mesmeric melody and euphoric spectral electro.”

HYPNOTICA will be released 5th of November 23 via Disdain Records. You can find it here.


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