Listen to the sound of an Icelandic volcano from Ben Frost and Francesco Fabris


Just listen to these incredible sounds. They’re field recordings of a volcanic eruption. On 3rd August 2022, almost a year since the previous eruption ceased in the Reykjanes Peninsula in Southern Iceland, a new volcano emerged in the nearby valley of Meradalir. Ben Frost and Francesco Fabris arrived at the eruption site within hours, documenting this much more powerful and significantly larger volcano throughout the night, which formed a string of explosive fissures stretching over 250m across the valley floor.

It comes from Meradalir, two tracks, this is the first, pure highly textural field recordings, and the second is an edited and processed version of this recording. Both are incredible and awe inspiring, but there’s something about the pure unadorned power and beauty of mother nature of this piece that we just can’t stop listening to.

There’s also a companion album, Vakning, which features more varied recordings that you can find here.

Both Meradalir and Vakning are released via Room40. You can find Meradalir here, and Vakning here.


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