Listen to the classic dark ambient soundscapes of raison d’être


Raison d’être is a Swedish dark ambient project formed by Peter Andersson in 1991. Andersson is pretty active, alongside raison d’être, he’s also released music as Stratvm Terror, Necrophorus, Bocksholm, Atomine Elektrine, Panzar, Svasti-ayanam, Cataclyst, Grismannen, under his own name and runs the Yantra Atmospheres label.

It’s the 30 year anniversary of this boxset. It was originally released in 1993 on the now defunct Cold Meat Industry label. This piece is part of an expanded 4 CD boxset with a completely new re-recording of the original album, made in 2022, in order to obtain the highest sound quality and mix. Disc II contains additional unreleased session tracks, also re-recorded in 2022. Disc III provides the original album in a remastered version and finally Disc IV offers additional session tracks from the period in their original versions.

This is what they have to say about it:

Prospectus I is a stunning blend of modern ethereal gothic sonorities and the timeless chants of monastic rituals. A refined blend of melancholy touching higher realms. Archaic layers of string instruments, bells and choirs are intertwined with percussive elements and industrial loops creating an unsettling background atmosphere whilst spleen and bittersweetness form in the foreground. Co-Released with Yantra Atmospheres.”

Prospectus I – Sublime Edition” will be released via Cyclic Law on the 4th of August 2023. You can find it here.


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