Listen to Lý Trang’s dreamy highly idiosyncratic electronics


Lý Trang was born and raised in the mountains of Northeast Vietnam, later moving to Hanoi and then Moscow just prior to the Ukraine invasion. In 2018 she released Snail Skeleton, a work brimming with delightfully quirky, rickety almost folktronic instrumentation and dreamy washed out vocals. Her follow up, Syenite is due to be released in July via Subtext recordings. ‘So, flag on flag’ is our first taste.

This is what they have to say about it:

“so, flag on flag switches paths aesthetically, juxtaposing Trang’s Trish Keenan-like vocal echoes with brittle industrial percussion and dissociated music box twangs, building out the emotional narrative rather than blocking it in. The composer is keen to embed her experiences into each track, abstracting traditional elements like gongs and indigenous woodwind instruments with anxious digital processes, blurring through folk, experimental, jazz and dark ambient landscapes.”

Syenite will be released on the 7th of July 23 via Subtext Recordings. You can find it here.


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