Stream atmospheric Berlin artist Subheim’s new album


Raeon is the new album by Berlin-based Subheim. It’s a dark atmospheric work that merges synthesized analog sounds and neoclassical elements into a strange beautiful winsome world. It’s impossible not to be drawn in to the power and stillness of his music. It comes two years after the release of ΠΟΛΙΣ for the artist who has previously released his work on Ad Noiseam, Tympanik Audio and Denovali.

This is what they have to say about it:

“Every piece functions as a different chapter of the same open-ended narrative; one where stillness, movement, darkness and light simultaneously coexist in harmony. Intentionally imperfect, naturally gritty, spacious as ever, the record balances between fragility and conviction, and once more reveals the deeply human side of its creator. In contrast to some of Subheim’s darker material, RAEON is filled with an undertone of bittersweet hopefulness and a strong desire for new life.”

Raeon is out now via Denovali. You can find it et=”_blank”>here.


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