Listen to a previously unreleased weirdo electronic piece from Ollie Olsen


Ollie Olsen is an iconic Australian multi-instrumentalist, composer and sound designer. He has performed, recorded and produced rock, electronic and experimental music since the mid-1970s. The breadth of his work is pretty difficult to summarise, but we gave it a go in 2015 when he did a Cyclic Selects for us. You can read that here. We also interviewed him about his Whirlywird project here.

This piece was recorded in 2010, and is one of five pieces on his newly released The Mountain is Blue, which sees him experimenting with avant garde bass and techno soundscapes. It’s great that Psy Harmonics have been able to unearth it. We wonder what else is sitting in the vaults.

The Mountain is Blue is released via Psy Harmonics. You can find it here.


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