Listen to a dark new work from Matt Warren and Gail Priest


Developed from a shared love of dark ambient, post-industrial and folk-inflected electronica, the formation of We’re Not Afraid of the Dark’s music occurs via a pretty unique approach to improvisation, collaboration and interconnection. It’s a work from Matt Warren and Gail Priest who offer up an unnerving, bleak yet quite diverse sound world.

This is what Room40 have to say about it:

“This performance illustrates their preferred structure in which each artist presents a short solo, one segueing into the other, then extending into a collaborative exploration of their offered material, a conversation and mutual call and response. Sitting on either side of the performance space, Matt and Gail attempt to transmit and receive hidden messages at a distance. A blend of organic field recordings and live vocal material projects orphic sounds and data.”

Having collaborated repeatedly over the years, Glossolalia documents a concert that accompanied a two-part exhibition of the same name, part 1 a solo exhibition from Matt and part 2 a group exhibition curated by Matt featuring Gail’s work. Glossolalia was performed June 19, 2022 presented by Dark MOFO and Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania. The performance accompanied the exhibition Glossolalia, presented at Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania, 7 May – 25 June 2022

Glossolalia will be released via Room40 on the 14th of April 2024. You can find it here.


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