Listen to Corntuth’s sweet natured post-apocalyptic concept record


We’re a little late, given album’s have a one week media cycle these days, but we’re really enjoying this strange and beautiful post apocalyptic concept album from Corntuth, a gorgeous melancholic work of repetitive sequences and bubbling pads. It’s the Brooklyn artist’s third album and its an exercise in electronic nostalgia, like being nestled in a warm bulbous cloud of synthetic bliss while Cluster and Craig Leon feed you grapes.

This is what Corntuth says about it:

“It’s meant as a kind of post-apocalyptic concept record. An inventor father leaves a data tape for his robot son. Like the analog synthesizers of the mid-80s, robot children are programmed via sequenced sound on magnetic cassette tapes. These tapes, supposedly, can teach a machine to feel.”

You can find Letters to My Robot Son here.


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