Claire Rousay is touring Australia


Fresh from the vinyl pressing of her 2020 cassette A Heavenly Touch, and her recent albums Everything Perfect Is Already Here (Shelter Press), and Wouldn’t Have To Hurt (Mended Dreams), not to mention her collaboration with E Fishpool Distance therapy (Longform Editions), Los Angeles composer and improviser Claire Rousay is touring Australia.

Whilst her recordings are a kind of textural minutia, a place where digitalia, hushed, at times unintelligible voices, instruments and field recordings conspire to create a strangely emotional response, in performance she utilises found elements; voice, haptics, field recordings, conversations and other sonic curiosities, diving deeply inside them to reveal unexpected correlations and counterpoints of the places and situations we think we know.

She promises to have 120 minutes of unheard material to play. See dates below:


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