Listen to Deniz Cuylan’s delicate ‘Hidden Language of Four’ from his new album


LA based Turkish musician Deniz Cuylan makes the acoustic classical guitar the centrepiece of his sophomore album, the delightfully titled Rings of Juniper. You can hear real links to the American minimalism of Steve Reich, these repetitive loops of finger picking that also bring to mind the likes of John Fahey. It’s quite a fascinating and unique work that really rewards with multiple listens.

This is what they have to say about it:

“hypnotic thickets of fingerpicked nylon string guitar, clouds of woodwinds and strings, aching prettiness. It feels like a dense forest or jungle, layer upon layer of life overlapping life, revealing itself slowly upon further listens.”

Rings of Juniper is out today via Hush hush records. You can find it here.


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