Listen to the warmth and beauty of Part Timer’s delicate new work


Part Timer is John McCaffrey, a Melbourne based musician who specialises in gentle melancholic music that merges electronic tendencies with a distinctively analog feel. In the past he has released his music on Moteer, Flau, and Lost Tribe Sound amongst other labels.

We first spoke to John 11 years ago when he released the exquisite Real to Reel (Lost Tribe Sound) where he spoke of his work as an occupational therapist and his early musical life in the North of England. You can read that here. And we touched base with him again in July of this year when he released the appropriately titled Interiority Complex via Bandcamp. You can read that interview here. At the time he didn’t tell us that he had this new EP on the horizon, a similarly intimate work that he’s called Isolation. If he had we would’ve told him was high time he changed his name to become a little more representative of his recent accelerated output.


You can find it here.


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