Listen to DJ Firmeza’s percussion heavy remix of Jamaica Mnanda’s ‘Kama Ipo Ipo (What’s Yours is Yours)’


Tanzanian street musicians Jamaica Mnanda meld rhythms from the ‘traditional’ styles of vanga and chakacha, with distorted keyboards and lyrics delivered almost as raps. Comprising of a singer, drums, chair, maracas and Casio keyboard player, the band regularly plays on the streets of Dar es Salaam, repurposing chairs, casio keyboards and the speakers usually used for the morning call to prayer to spread their sound.

They’ve reached out to the outer suburbs of Lisbon for a remix from Principe mainstay DJ Firmeza, who offers a more stripped down percussive mix of Kama Ipo Ipo. It’s pretty great.

This is what they have to say about it:
“Proudly representing the social housing neighbourhood Quinta do Mocho on the periphery of Lisbon, DJ Firmeza is a perfect fit for remixing the street sounds of Jamaica Mnanda. His remix uses the stripped down percussion from the original record, adding his own distinct driving Afro-Portuguese post-kuduro energy.”

You can find the single here.


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