Stream the evocative new album from John Lemke and celebrate the art of getting lost


Thawlines is the third solo album by John Lemke. Six years in the making, he has moved away from the electronic feel of his previous releases, opting for a more organic ensemble feel, enlisting the likes of Pete Harvey (Modern Studies) on cello, Clive Deamer (Portishead, Radiohead, Robert Plant) on drums and harpist Urška Preis (rogue-ah). Yet it is still very much his own unique vision, inspired by a trip to Finland in 2011.

The results are epic and widescreen, somehow nostalgic, yet always evocative and atmospheric, a place where folk, pop and soundtrack collide into something quite new and beautiful.

We’re fascinated too with what he has to say about it:

“I always liked the idea of time as my main collaborator. Or put differently, collaborating with slightly different versions of myself over time. Most of the pieces on ‘Thawlines’ were crafted over a number of years, with long gaps in between recording, letting the ideas ferment somewhat in the meantime, or at least my notion of where they could go. The process let me look at each track from a multitude of angles and come at it with contrasting frames of mind, before understanding what the pieces truly needed to be. It was just a very natural way to work and let ideas grow. In many ways the album turned out as a celebration of the art of getting lost.”

Thawlines is released by Denovali. You can find it here.


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