Listen to the weird fourth world computer abstractions of Babau


Ok, well we missed this at the time, but more recently this wacky sugar rush of gelatinous textures and bouncy weirdness has been haunting our dreams. We really don’t know what this is – but it is pretty special.

Babau are an outfit from Milan Italy, a duo comprised of Luigi Monteanni and Matteo Pennesi, both founders of Artetetra records. Their approach is described as ‘a pastiche combining the fascination for World Music 2.0, Fourth World galore and Mondo Voyeurism with the latest abstractions in computer music’s compositional techniques, which they call ‘Quinto Mondo’ music.’

This piece comes from Stock Fantasy Zone, a cassette reissued by the always excellent Discrepant label.

This is what they have to say about it:

“Stock Fantasy Zone is the new album by Babau dedicated to the unearthly delights of unconscious reticular motion, wacky 2D shredding and daily side quests. Directly from inside the Stack, finally imagine a zone where all activities are possible but purposeless, all primary objectives are achieved without even moving and the game-logic has finally disappeared leaving back a virtual fauna of forsaken babbling Npc’s and uncharted, yet to be tested stockpiles of maps and levels.”

We have no idea what that means or what the music means. But we do love it. Or are scared. We can’t quite tell which.

Stock Fantasy Zone is released via Discrepant Records. You can find it here.


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