Listen to the machine funk of Lewis Cancut’s ‘Numbers’


Lewis Cancut is a Melbourne DJ, sound designer, and composer inspired by tropical bass music, synth pop and clean-cut percussive sounds. Melbourne listeners might know him as a co host alongside Moses Iten, of the now defunct Space is the Place on PBS FM. ‘Numbers’ is one of two previously unreleased songs from his Magic Circle mixtape released earlier in the year. We’re big fans of his music and we think ‘Numbers’ sounds like a more muscular Harold Faltermeyer. It’s a joyfully sugary burst of hyperactive machine funk that we can’t get enough of.

He also has a new cassette of synthesis, sound-design & environmental recordings from the past two years out on Branch Points. Under the moniker LCC Animate / Inanimate is significantly more textural and atmospheric. You can find it here.

Magic Circle Expansion Pack is released via NLV records. You can find it here.


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