Help Tralala Blip replace equipment lost in the recent floods


Northern NSW electronic music collective, and dear friends of the ‘Frost, Tralala Blip were one of the many artists affected by the recent flooding around Lismore and Northern New South Wales. They have been working hard to try to salvage and clean their flood damaged gear, but their MacBook Pro wasn’t able to be saved. A Gofundme campaign has just been launched to help them purchase a new laptop, so if you are in the position to throw a few dollars their way they would be very appreciative.

Tralala Blip’s macbook pro and some synths were destroyed in the recent 2022 Lismore flood. The laptop and modular synth were in Randolf’s backpack as he was helping friends in North Lismore prepare for the flood on Sunday night, unfortunately the equipment and the backpack did not make it onto the rooftop as the waters rose higher and higher. During this very difficult time of recovery from the flood, having a creative way to deal with the grief is very important to this differently abled band. The laptop was the hub of the bands creative work and all other operations that go with running the band.
If you can help in any way, we would be so very grateful. ❤️


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