Watch the strange and beautiful clip for Lydian Dunbar’s (Tralala Blip) new solo music


You may know Lydian Dunbar from NSW electronic outfit Tralala Blip. We’re big fans of their work. You see their Cyclic Selects here from a few years ago. So we were pretty excited to discover that Lydian had produced a solo album of gentle meditative ambient electronics. This strange and beautiful clip by Cyclic contributor Jason Heller for ‘Blue Sleep’ is our first taste of it. It’s the title track of the album and its nothing short of sublime.

This is what Lydian has to say about it:

“One day not long ago after a surf in Byron Bay, me and my good friend Randy found a shelter someone had made on the beach from sticks and branches. It looked like a hut, a shelter from the heat of the sun. We crawled into the shelter and laid down. I looked up through the sticks to see the blue sky and soon I was asleep.”

“I wanted to make an ambient album about that day. I have lots of electronic instruments that I use with Tralala Blip but with my solo project I wanted to use my beloved harmonicas. They are an instrument that is very special to me.”

“Randy and I went back to the studio with my harmonicas, a small granular modular system, my voice and not much else. We went out a few times to collect sounds from the beach and surrounding area using a zoom recorder and an EMF recorder made by Soma Labs.”

Blue Sleep will be released on the 29th of April 2022 via Room40. You can find it here.


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