Lucas Abela is set to hit the road in January 22


Everyone’s favourite face on glass performer Lucas Abela has emerged from lockdown with a new approach to his singular instrument, moving from guitar pedals to a full on modular system which has extended the normally mono glass into a quadraphonic instrument.

This is what he has to say about it:

“Using positive and negative envelopes, gates and triggers all derived solely from the glass signals dynamics and frequencies Lucas synchronises changes in a myriad of audio parameters simultaneously while triggering additional sounds all in response to performance techniques. The results produce a range of parallel audio chains accompanying or even replacing the origin signal that’s not sequenced, sampled or looped but played in unison, adding significant layers of depth and character to their glass playing, which you might say is same but different.”

It sounds fascinating. If you’re curious he’s been putting some of his experiments on bancamp, with you can find here.

He’s taking the show on the road in January 22, through QLD, NSW, ACT and Victoria, which also includes some regional performances in Bega, Lismore, and Castlemaine amongst others. He’ll also be staging workshops and demonstrations prior to some of the performances, sharing techniques for interfacing instruments with modular synthesisers with young local musicians.

You can find a list of his shows here.


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