Listen to a new work from David Toop, Lawrence English and Akio Suzuki from their forthcoming improvisational album in the forest


In August 2013, David Toop and Akio Suzuki visited Australia. During a residency on Tamborine Mountain (an anglicised version of the Yugambeh word Jambreen), the pair were joined by Lawrence English for a series of site specific, environment-led improvisations created around the fringes of the Tamborine plateau.

The results, compiled on their forthcoming album, Breathing Spirit Forms are strange, beautiful and quite fascinating, a recording where the environment melds together with the instrumentation becoming something entirely new.

This is what English has to say about it:

“Breathing Spirit Forms represents a distinctive exchange between friends and collaborators. Tamborine commands a special presence and encourages a deep patience from those who are willing to give time to its varied environments. For the three of us, we were fortunate to share these moments together, fleeting in our lives as they might be, to sense the mountain’s unique qualities, to respond to them through our exchanges and to form memories (as disparate as they might be) we carry forward with us in time.”

Breathing Spirit Forms will be released via Room40 on the 3rd of September. You can find it here.


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