Listen to an excerpt of waves for flutes from 1977 from Rip Hayman


Rip Hayman (b.1951, New Mexico), a student of John Cage, Ravi Shankar, and Philip Corner, was a founding editor of the revered Ear Magazine (1975-1991), and since 1977 he has run New York’s oldest bar, the Ear Inn. His albums include Hearsayseeing (1980), Dreamsound (1987) and On The Way… Music for the Near-Death Experience (Deep Listening, 1995). In April 2019, the Recital label issued Dreams of India and China, which was comprised of archival field recordings produced by Hayman and longtime collaborator Charlie Morrow.

This excerpt is from a flute recording from 1977, which comprises one side of his new LP Waves: Real and Imagined. The other side is pretty wild, ‘Seascapes’ a field recording from 2020, recorded on the Pacific Ocean, using ‘the ship as the instrument played by the sea.’

Waves: Real and Imagined is released via Recital Records. You can find it here.


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