Listen to ‘Fluctuations Of The Light in The Distance’ an incredible mix for Cyclic Defrost by Siavash Amini


Iranian experimental artist Siavash Amini has just announced a new album A Trail of Laughters, due out on Room40 in June this year. We’ve been fans of his music for a number of years now, in fact he even penned something for a us five years ago.

We took the opportunity to ask him to create a mix for us, and the results are a sonically adventurous and quite beautiful suite a sound, picking up pieces from the likes of sound ecologist, field recordist and composer Hildegard Westerkamp to Musique Concrète artist Lionel Marchetti to his Australian label honcho Lawrence English.

You can find A Trail of Laughters here.

Fluctuations Of The Light in The Distance:

1- Beatriz Ferreyra – Deux dents dehors (excerpt)
2- Jóhannsson, Glotman – A Minor Astronomical Event
3- Lionel Marchetti – Brouillard électromagnétique
4- Adrián Demoč – Lešenie k zahĺbeniu
5- Hildegard Westerkamp – Fantasie For Horns II (excerpt)
6- Roland Kayn – Cyloids 2 (excerpt)
7- Friedrich Cerha – Spiegel V
8- Antoine Beuger – silent harmonies in discrete continuity, series i – ii
9- Heinz Holliger – Winter III
10- Lawrence English – Requiem For A Reaper (excerpt)
11- 9T Antiope – Dose II (Memento Mori) (excerpt)


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