Listen to Acid Mothers Temple cover Black Sabbath’s ‘The Wizard.’


Legendary Japanese noise jammers Acid Mothers Temple have elected to cover Black Sabbath’s ‘The Wizard’. This is a short excerpt of their 20 minute version. Yep that’s right 20 minutes.

We’ve been fans of the psychedelic excesses of Acid Mothers Temple for some time. You can read our reviews of 2015’s Benzaiten here, and 2009’s Pink Lady Lemonade – You’re From Outer Space here.

It comes from a split release with Australia’s masters of weirdo noise The Paul Kidney Experience who deliver two tracks of fuzzy skuzzy tripped out rock and roll. You can listen to our review of 2011’s Radio Transmissions here. The two pieces are slow, sludgy guitar driven ecstatic transcendence. The kind they do best. You will love it.

The Acid Mothers Temple / Paul Kidney Experience split LP is out now on kasumuen. You can find it here.


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