Sign a petition to get the Australian Government to protect the arts industry


The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the Australian arts sector hard. Whilst it’s pretty much impossible nowadays to make a living out of recorded material, with gigs curtailed many are left in a precarious position. But it’s not just artists, it’s arts workers, curators, sound engineers, and a myriad of associated industries. Data recently released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows fewer than half of businesses in the sector were operating by the end of March. After years of cuts and neglect, the government has failed to act to save the arts and entertainment sector. If you want to support an industry that has given us so much please sign this official petition which urges the Australian Parliament to extend the JobKeeper wage for music and arts workers (ps. make sure you complete all three steps to make it valid). please share, don’t let them leave music behind.

You can find the petition here.


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