Listen to Sam Shackleton and Waclaw Zimpel’s Primal Drones


UK producer Sam Shackleton, continues his investigation of near spiritual esoteric sonic experimentation, returning to Cosmo Rhythmatic after his previous outing on the label, the highly ritualistic cult like ensemble Tunes of Negation. He’s teamed up with Polish experimental clarinetist/multi-instrumentalist Wacław Zimpel. Primal Drones is from their forthcoming album, Primal Forms, which the label suggests consists of three long pieces.

This is what Cosmo Rhythmatic has to say:

“Joining Zimpel’s demanding multi-layered experience in Avant-garde jazz with Shackleton’s mathematical, esoteric lyricism, the pair have used all the tools at their disposal, aiming at a new form of ritual trance music. This fierce fusion of styles brings out the very best in each other, showing unique clarity and force. Miss it at your peril!”

You can pre order Primal Forms here. And you can find Cosmo Rhyrhmatic here.


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