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New Weird Australia have returned with a new compilation after over 5 years with a two volume name your price 26 track collection of strange Australian music. Sure it’s weird but there are some truly beautiful and unexpectedly calming pieces here – as well as a few the push the envelope both compositionally and sonically. The best of both worlds.

This is what they have to say about it:

Solitary Wave‘ is a two-volume compilation of new Australian music made, remade and reconsidered during a global pandemic. ‘Solitary Wave (Out)‘ is a ritual for the displacement of energy. ‘Solitary Wave (In)‘ is for calming the fuck down.

New Weird Australia is a champion of eclectic Australian experimental music, you know, the weird stuff. They were established in 2009, and projects have included a long-running compilation series of which this is the latest chapter, podcasts and radio shows (FBi Radio, Resonance FM), live events and tours, and artist projects such as the Wood & Wire netlabel and New Editions limited-run series.

Solitary Wave includes music from all states and territories around the country, including exclusives from Marcus Whale, Jannah Quill, Kcin, Fia Fiell, Happy Axe, Tzekin, Yunzero, Alex White, Wytchings, Lortica, Tutup Mulut, Jessica At Birth, Aqrn, Alexis Weaver, Eira and Invisible Prism.

The compilation additionally features music from recent releases by Bolt Gun, Moon Sign Gemini, Personal Touch, Nina In Ecstasy, Pattern Recognition Machines, Brainbeau, Cloud Sequence, Amby Downs, Brad Harkan and A Country Practice, and features cover artwork from Sydney artist Sophie Penkethman-Young.

You can find Volume 1 here.

You can find out more about New Weird Australia here.


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