Download a ‘pay what you want’ sampler from Sahel Sounds


One of our favourite labels, Portland’s Sahel Sounds have released a pay what you want label sampler, filled with many of the tracks they’ve released this year from the likes of Mdou Moctar, Luka Productions, Hama and Les Filles de Illighadad and many others from across their catalogue. We’ve been transfixed by the label ever since catching a Mdou Moctar set at Cafe Oto in London about 5 years ago and the quality of the music that they’ve opened up to the west since is simply mind blowing.

The piece here from Amadou Binta Konte & Tidiane Thia is a case in point. Minimal and low key, it features acoustic guitar and hoddu recorded in a fishing village in Northern Senegal. You can read our review here. It’s been an album we’ve repeatedly returned to over the years whenever we’re in the need of hypnotism (often if you’re wondering). Whilst there’s many more bombastic tracks in this collection, this understated gem represents the quality and unique character of this incredible label. You can read our interview with Chris Kirkley, the label founder here.

In the meantime sling them some coin (or not) and download this beast of an album. You can find it here.


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